About The 32 Special

What exactly is The 32 Special?

The name The 32 Special actually comes from two separate but connected Los Angeles sports teams. The Lakers and Dodgers are two teams that I grew up following very closely, and while I was thinking of a name for my site I knew I wanted it to be somewhat sports related. I couldn’t really settle on anything that stood out and intrigued me enough to name my blog after it.

Until I thought of The 32 Special.

The reasoning behind it is quite simple, actually. In Los Angeles, the number 32 means something a little more than anywhere else. The great Sandy Koufax of the L.A. Dodgers and Earvin “Magic” Johnson of the Lakers both wore 32 during their time in Los Angeles. To me, there wasn’t anything else that connected more of the things I love than this single number. And, so far, it’s stuck.

The site has evolved into an outlet I use to share random things I find on the internet and a way for me to share my personal thoughts and opinions on any other topic that entices me to write about it.

Personal Bio

I used to spend my days as the Editor-in-Chief of LakersNation.com, running the day-to-day aspects of the site and managing most of the social media stuff. I also worked with SportsCity.com, a site dedicated to all sports coverage. Currently, I’m a freelance writer with a focus on the Lakers, Dodgers and other Southern California sports.